AskiaPortal Client Library

The AskiaPortal Client library is use to seemlessly integrate a module in AskiaPortal.

The library provide somes accessors to communicate and manipulate the AskiaPortal top frame.

The library files are accessible in /AskiaPortal/Modules/lib/ and it provide helpers such as:

  • Execute AJAX requests which include the credentials by default to retrieve the AskiaPortal session.
  • MAnage the internationnalization (i18n).
  • Manage the loader.
  • Manage the toolbar and the menu.
  • Manage the navigation (from the URL hash).
  • Manage the notification bar.
  • Manage the dialog and modal window.
  • Manage the sharing dialog window.
  • Manage the partials (fragments of HTML document to load in the DOM).
  • Provide helpers to bind plug the user preferences.
  • Provide common component (EventEmitter, Datagrid)